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School of Zoology


Zoology may be defined as the study of animals and their behavior in the context of their ecosystems. Zoologists study the physical characteristics, behaviors, diets, their interaction with the ecosystems and the impacts humans have on them. In order to get a true picture of animal behaviors zoologists study them in their natural habitats and in captivity in zoos and aquariums. To develop a robust preservation strategy zoologists study, analyze and observe wildlife and periodically publish their findings in journals meant for their community.

At Emet University International, we take this study one step further and we teach how the animal kingdom as part of God’s plan and design fulfill their God-ordained purposes. In the great scheme of the Almighty, every living being and organism has a definite purpose and each living thing in its own way fulfills that purpose thereby maintaining the balance in the ecosystem. Remove any species and the whole ecosystem will suffer from it. We at Emet help students not only develop a love for these creatures but also teach them to care for them in such a way that they bring happiness and joy into our lives. 


Students will discover for themselves with the aid of our expertise that the O3 Word is responsible for their creation and sustenance. The Divine Mathematical System not only applies to the other fields but also to the world of the animal kingdom in an amazing way. 


  • Bachelors level   - 3 years - divided into 3 parts for each year

  • Masters level      - 2 years


  • Bachelors in Zoology   - B.(O3W).Sc (Zoo)

  • Masters in Zoology      - M.(O3W).Sc (Zoo)


  • Understand the ecological balance that animal kingdom maintain

  • Discover & study animals in their natural habitats

  • Study animals and their communities in different environment

  • Study methods & procedures in running a zoo

  • Learn animal behaviors in captivity

  • Learn to identify endangered species facing extinction

  • Study methods to protect endangered species

  • Learn to raise awareness of animals & the challenges they face

  • Learn to care for the animal kingdom

  • Understand relationship between man & animals, their similarities & differences

  • Understand animal behavior in food procurement

  • Learn animal mating habits, diseases & the remedies

  • Discover opportunities around the world as a zoologist


  • Minimum - Degree in any subject

  • Knowledge of English to read/write & speak

  • Some previous knowledge of Zoology is required

  • Some aptitude for learning and grasping new ideas, techniques and skills is required

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