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  • Continuing or discontinuing an online course.
    If you discontinue your studies owing to some personal reason, please give in writing Duration of discontinuance Date when you will be able to join again Fees paid will not be refunded, but at the discretion of the Management, we may allow you to continue the course again. But if you fail to re-join the course and complete it, you will forfeit the fees paid and you will not be eligible for any scholarship reimbursement.
  • Emergency pull-out of Enrolled Course
    If after signing-up for a course, you wish to pull-out of the course, you must give in writin The reason for the pull-out Attach a copy(ies) of fee-receipt(s) Attach necessary documents to support your reason You may be charged a minimum cancellation fee.
  • What if I am not satisfied with the course?
    We assure you that you will find the course very interesting for the following reasons: Learned teachers/instructors Thoroughly well-prepared class-material Heuristic project work Despite this, if you still feel you are not satisfied with the course then please give in writing stating your reasons and attaching any relevant document and copy(ies) of your fee-receipt(s). The Management has the right to take any decision on a case by case basis.
  • Change of subject after signing-up on a course.
    We expect the student to get all doubts cleared before signing-up. After signing-up for a course and paying the fees, only the Management can decide on future action. Please discuss with the Head of the Department.
  • Unable to continue – financial difficulties.
    We at Emet expect the student to first sit-down and “count the cost” before signing-up for any course with Emet. Fees paid may not be refunded. Discuss with Management.
  • Will Emet University help me find a job?
    Emet will not help you find a job. Our website may provide you with several links to job-portals on the Net. It is up to you to visit an appropriate portal and do the needful to locate the right job for you.
  • Can I teach at Emet University?
    The Management reserves the right to decide that. However, you may apply with necessary credentials.
  • Are day-scholars provided board/lodging?
    No, we do not provide board/lodging in Bangalore or any other place. You will have to take care of that yourself.
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