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Fees & Payment

NOTE - If payment is defaulted, then a late-fee of Rs.50/- will be charged extra. Students who do not pay even after two notices, may be dismissed and no fee refund will be entertained.

All cheques to be crossed and made out in favour of "Emet University International".

For NEFT use:

Federal Bank

Emet University International

IFSC: FED00003325

SB Ac/No: 3295001000010

Once NEFT is done, please SMS Name, Course Id, Transaction id, Amount sent to:

Mr. Arun Prabhu

Director Administration

Ph: +91 837-895-0447

For any clarification, please contact Mr. Arun Prabhu at the number given above.

By Order

Dr. MGR. Palmoni  Ph.D

Ph: +91 924-211-1144

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