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We have nothing to be proud of in our politics or in our politicians today. Our nation is at a stage where freedom of speech has become a crime and hate speeches against the minorities has become the order of the day. Our values are all topsy-turvy and what was esteemed as wrong and shameful during the times of our ancestors have now become right and they have also taken the center-stage of our daily lives and the media. Plato, a great philosopher and thinker once said: “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” 


The big question on the minds of many right and good thinkers is this – “When are we going to get some “good men” and women to run this great democracy of ours?” This is where Emet University steps in to meet that crying need! At Emet our course on politics aims to develop good citizens who would put the best interests of the common people before theirs and fulfill the adage of Abraham Lincoln, “Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people.”


In order to put that power in the hands of the common man, our teaching draws inspiration from ancient texts and modern literature. The great parliamentarian Edmund Burke once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” At Emet we have taken this statement very seriously and our course in politics aims to create men and women who would be prepared to come forward with keen acumen to make sure that evil does not triumph at all.


Our student in politics will be taught by excellent academicians, who have delved deep into this subject, studied ancient writings, political thoughts in modern literature, principles of political theories and political systems of the Greeks and other republic, besides liberty, justice, property, rights, law, and the enforcement of laws by appropriate authority and what makes a government legitimate, what rights and freedoms it should protect and the duties citizens owe to a legitimate government. But to top it all, our student in politics will discover with the help of our faculty how the O3 Word has total control over the world of politics through a Divine Mathematical System! This is where the student will ultimately realize that we are all stewards responsible towards God for all the wealth and resources He has placed at our disposal to be used wisely for the good of the common man.

At Emet we shall deal with the following key points:

  1. The fallacy, that faith and politics are incompatible

  2. God created humans to rule over planet Earth and care for it

  3. Love of God & neighbor should compel us to take right political action

  4. Democracy confers responsibilities as well as opportunities upon us

  5. In our world today there are opportunities galore to make a difference


  • Bachelors level    - 3 years - divided into 3 parts for each year

  • Masters level        - 2 years


  • Bachelors in Political Science                                               - B.(O3W).Sc (Pol)

  • Masters in Political Science                                                  - M.(O3W).Sc (Pol)

  • Bachelors in Comparative Political Science                         - B.(O3W).Sc (Comp)

  • Masters in Comparative Political Science                            - M.(O3W).Sc (Comp)

  • Bachelors in Political Science (Cultural Heritage & Civil)     - B.(O3W).Sc (Cultr)

  • Masters in Political Science (Cultural Heritage & Civil)        - M.(O3W).Sc (Cultr)


  • Learn Constitutional History of India Learn politics from the ancient writings

  • Learn current political thoughts

  • Learn that faith and politics are good partners

  • Learn the principles of public administration

  • Understand international relations

  • Learn the idea of Divine Governance

  • Understand political thoughts in ancient literature

  • Learn the political system under Greeks, Persians, Egyptians & Babylonians

  • Learn Modern Political Analysis, Vedic Political systems & dynamics of Democracy

  • Understand administrative thinkers, human rights & community development

  • Learn Comparative Constitutions Of The Ancient & Modern World

  • Understand the Cultural Heritage of India

  • Learn citizen’s responsibilities to a legitimate government & vice versa

  • Learn the 5 important ways to make a difference


  • Minimum - Degree in any subject

  • Knowledge of English to read/write & speak

  • Some previous knowledge of of politics is required

  • Some aptitude for learning and grasping new ideas, techniques and skills is required

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