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Strange diseases have taken over the world today. Approximately 30 years ago nobody knew anything about HIV, AIDS, Ebola or H1N1. But today in our hectic world these diseases have spread like wild-fire that people infected with those viruses/diseases are found suffering all over the world. Pharmaceutical companies are indeed very happy about this current situation in the world today simply because now they could make more money by way of research and production of a variety of drugs which they could foist on an ignorant world. Ignorant, because the world does not realize that most of the diseases around are all man-made! Ignorant again, simply because the world also does not realize or even care to know that there are remedies available that need not necessarily cost them earth and heaven! Ignorant people have become more dependent on the hype of doctors and pharmaceutical companies to live a normal healthy life! An ancient prophet wrote thus: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

At Emet, our School of Medicine we have great purpose - to give all humanity that ‘normal healthy life’ for a pittance! Our curriculum will not be found at any medical school either here in India or abroad. For the first time in the world, we at Emet have designed this course to bring a very special “knowledge” to the common man. This “knowledge” that we impart at the School of Medicine, will root out any disease and not only bring a wholesome healing to the person but also leave that person transformed in mind, body, spirit and soul. This is our purpose and our promise!

At Emet University School of Medicine, we have developed a course by researching into the ancient texts to find out not just the root-cause of all diseases but also the ways and methods by which they could be treated to bring about that transformation mentioned above. Our faculty at the School, have come-up with a specialized teaching in tri-healing – a. Medical healing (not as the world gives), b. Word healing and finally c. Gift of healing. We welcome you to take this course and discover for yourself how the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Word could heal you and make you wholesome!


  • Bachelors level     - 3 years - divided into 3 parts for each year

  • Masters level        - 2 years



  • Bachelors in Medicine     - B.(O3W).Sc (HHF)

  • Masters in Medicine        - M.(O3W).Sc (HHF)

  • Bachelors in Medicine     - B.(O3W).Sc (NYSc)

  • Masters in Medicine        - M.(O3W).Sc (NYSc)

  • Bachelors in Medicine     - B.(O3W).Sc (YHE)

  • Masters in Medicine        - M.(O3W).Sc (YHE)

  • Bachelors in Medicine     - B.(O3W).Sc (HAM)

  • Masters in Medicine        - M.(O3W).Sc (HAM)

  • Bachelors in Medicine    - B.(O3W).Sc (MSoc)

  • Masters in Medicine       - M.(O3W).Sc (Msoc)


  • Learn fundamentals of Medicine in Ancient Vedas 

  • Learn fundamentals of Holistic healing

  • Learn principles of Yoga Therapy

  • Understand personality development as a form of medicine

  • Learn all about Nature Cure

  • Learn relationship between mental & physical health

  • Learn Art of Divine Healing, Rejuvenating Life Force & Mind

  • Learn divinity aspect of self-realization

  • Learn philosophy of Naturopathy & Yogic Diet

  • Learn Hygiene and Community Medicine

  • Learn Basic Principles of Siddha Medicine & Treatment

  • Learn using Herbals, Medicinal Plants

  • Learn principles of Community Health & Social Medicine

  • Learn Prevention & Control of Diseases

  • Learn principles of Clinical Research

  • Learn Sociology of Health & Hospital Management

  • Learn Moral Life of World Community

  • Learn Ethics, Negligence and Autopsy & much more….


  • Minimum - Degree in any subject

  • Knowledge of English to read/write & speak

  • Some previous knowledge of medicine is required

  • Some aptitude for learning and grasping new ideas, techniques and skills is required

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