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Engineering & Architecture


Engineering is the creative application of science and mathematical methods combined to create, construct, operate and maintain structures, machines and other devices. Architecture comprises of processes, meticulous planning, designing and construction of buildings and other material or physical devices to render a unique style to the finished product. In our modern world today, technology has become an inevitable part of Engineering & Architecture as can be seen in CAD/CAM courses all over the world. At Emet, technology is also included as part of our curriculum.

Engineering & Architectural marvels are seen around us almost every day of our lives. But beyond standing in awe and admiration of such marvels, the average scholar has never contemplated on the source of the knowledge & wisdom of such marvels. At Emet University we have done exactly that!

Our extensive research in this area took us to that very source – the O3 Word – which is responsible for the creation, sustenance and culmination, of every piece of Engineering, Technological & Architectural wonder seen in the world today! At Emet we shall gradually unfold before your eyes, ears and senses how the O3 Word has designed, fashioned and created the world of Engineering & Architecture! Are you ready to discover this with us at Emet University?

What does a degree in Engineering & Architecture cover?

The programs cover the following under Engineering: Construction Technology (Ancient Vedas), Basic Construction Techniques, Technology in the Culmination of the Universe, Land & Building Development, Architecture Technology, Project Management, Thermal Physics & Kinetic Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Electronic Devices & Circuits, Nonlinear Dynamics, Analytical Mechanics, Material Physics & Semi-conductor Devices, Electricity & Magnetism, Digital Electronics, Optimal & Adaptive Control.


The programs cover the following under Technology: Concepts of Information technology, Artificial Intelligence, Ancient Vedic Mathematics, Probability & Queuing Theory, Database Management Systems, Object-Oriented programming, Network Administration, Graphics & Multi-media Systems & Practicals.


The programs cover the following under Architecture: Architecture Technology, Construction Technology & Management, Construction Contracts & Specifications, and Construction Supervision & Project Management.


  • Undergraduate level – 3 years divided into three parts for each year

  • Masters level             – 2 years

  • Doctorate level          – 2 years

Our E&A degrees typically last for three years, divided into three parts for each year at undergraduate level, two years at Master’s level and two years at doctorate level. 


For Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering studies...

  • Bachelor of Engineering & Architecture  – B.(O3W).E (Civ/Mech/Elec)

  • Master of Engineering & Architecture     – M.(O3W).E (Civ/Mech/Elec)

  • Doctor of Engineering & Architecture     – D.(O3W).E (Civ/Mech/Elec)


  • Learn astounding Engineering techniques from the ancient Vedas & Scriptures

  • Understand the role of technology in the creation, sustenance & culmination of the universe

  • Hands-on practicals in construction & architecture technology

  • Understand the role of mechanics in the creation, sustenance & culmination of the universe

  • Understand the role of electricity & magnetism in the creation, sustenance & culmination of the universe

  • Understand Material Physics & Semi-conductor devices & their role in the plan of the universe

  • Learn Advanced Digital Electronics and its role in design & architecture


  • Minimum – Certificate/Diploma/Degree in any subject (Engineering or Technology or Architecture preferred)

  • Knowledge of English to read, write & speak

  • Some previous knowledge of  Engineering or Technology or Architecture is required

  • Some aptitude for learning and grasping new ideas, techniques, skills and special terms, is required

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