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Business & Commerce


Business & Commerce run the whole world today! Buying and selling, trading and marketing have all become part and parcel of our daily lives. And to aid us to implement our business goals and strategies we have technology in every aspect of B & C. There are a variety of institutions offering courses on B & C at different levels. So, how is our course on B & C, at Emet, different from those offered at the other colleges or universities?

At Emet, with this course, we are not trying to compete with other institutions for we are aware that there are prestigious schools that teach business & commerce in an excellent way! But the extraordinary difference we make is this - our course has been designed with an in-depth knowledge from the ancient texts. To some this might sound ridiculous! What! Run a modern business with knowledge from ancient texts?

At Emet, our purpose is to prove beyond doubt that our business-world is totally designed, sustained and brought to a culmination by the O3 Word. We will teach you skills, techniques, tactics and strategies from the ancient texts which abound in business theories and practices never-before-discovered either by the average businessman or by even the most intelligent entrepreneur. The amazing fact is, when those time-tested principles (found in the ancient texts) are applied to the B & C of our day, every business is bound to be successful! This is a guarantee from Emet and we invite you to try our course as a challenge!


  • Undergraduate level – 3 years, divide into three parts for each year

  • Masters level – 2 years


  • Bachelors in Business & Commerce                  - B.(O3W).Com

  • Masters in Business & Commerce                     - M.(O3W).Com

  • Doctor of Business & Commerce                       - D.(O3W).Com

  • B.B.A (Financial Management)                           - B.B.(O3W).A (Fin)

  • M.B.A (Financial Management)                          - M.B.(O3W).A (Fin)

  • B.B.A (Customer-relationship Management)      - B.B.(O3W).A (Cus)

  • M.B.A (Customer-relationship Management)     - M.B.(O3W).A (Cus)

  • B.B.A (Human Resource Management)             - B.B.(O3W).A (Hr)

  • M.B.A (Human Resource Management)            - M.B.(O3W).A (Hr)

  • B.B.A (Hospital Management)                           - B.B.(O3W).A (Hosp)

  • M.B.A (Hospital Management)                           - M.B.(O3W).A (Hosp)

  • B.B.A (Self-Mgmnt & Crisis Management)         - B.B.(O3W).A (Cri)

  • M.B.A (Self-Mgmnt & Crisis Management)        - M.B.(O3W).A (Cri)


  • O3 way of business & commerce brings prosperity without pain

  • Understand that blessing you is in God’s plan

  • Learn business from the ancient Vedas

  • Learn to do business the divine way to reap divine dividends

  • Learn to obtain/share happiness peace & joy through business

  • Learn the art of Time/Talents/Health/Wealth/Growth management

  • Learn new marketing & problem-solving techniques

  • Learn to evolve business ethics & principles as a model

  • Learn business psychology & new marketing strategies

  • Learn to govern your employees well

  • Learn crisis & risk management

  • Learn to increase and multiply your business

  • Learn to share the blessings with others

  • Learn to start your own business based on the Word of God

  • Learn to give God the glory through your business

  • Learn financial management from the Vedas

  • Build lasting skills in B&C that employers are looking for

  • Important truth: when you do bad business- you hurt yourself!


  • Minimum - Degree in any subject

  • Knowledge of English to read/write & speak

  • Some previous knowledge of Business & Commerce is required

  • Some aptitude for learning and grasping new ideas, techniques and skills is required

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