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There is certainly an excitement in Arts courses. While normally Arts courses focus on specific art form, art theory, history, practices and techniques, we at Emet take the students in a different direction – the direction of the ancients! We help the students to discover for themselves how the ancient world treated Arts. The students are led on an exciting journey of arts during the times of Romans, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians and right up to the Babylonians and when the students discover that even the world of Arts is totally under the control of the O3 Word that’s when the students make a true discovery that the O3 Word has the power to control, monitor and culminate the world of arts.

What do “arts” degrees cover?
Emet’s goal of a liberal arts degree program is to develop your thinking, decision-making and communication skills through a spectrum of subjects never handled by any university or college. At Emet a student has the choice of taking courses such as arts, music, history, culture & heritage, literature, theatre, philosophy and comparative religions. We offer an in-depth research in ancient literature and provide expert guidance in exploring world’s oldest religions besides motivating the students to do an inspiring research in music and secrets pertaining to ancient methodologies. 

Our course on Value Education & Spirituality is a one-of-a-kind designed not just to appeal the youth but to lead them into an understanding of the core values of Vedic Principles, Family & Social ethics and values.  The ultimate aim is to engender a generation to grow up with a sense of values. The Youth Development program is where the young will find an opportunity to explore Social problems, causes and effects and learn to engage with the community to develop them into a wholesome integrated family living in peace, harmony and justice. The project work in these subjects aims at a well-rounded education with a greater purpose in mind. The disciplines that we teach at Emet liberal arts curriculum, has been designed to help students develop their creativity and so enrich their lives.

Our Arts degrees typically last for three years, divided into three parts for each year at undergraduate level, two years at Master’s level and two years at doctorate level. 


  • O3W Bachelor of Arts   – B.(O3W).A

  • O3W Master of Arts      – M.(O3W).A

  • O3W Doctor of Arts      – Ph.(O3W).D (forth-coming program)

(Certificates will be awarded in Literature, Historical studies, Festivals & Events, Religious studies, Philosophy & Religion, Education & Spirituality, Comparative Religions, Socio-Cultural Heritage, Youth Development, Teaching Methodologies)


  • Practical approach to Literature, History, Religion & Vedas

  • Research in never-before-seen ancient literature

  • Self-exploration of world’s oldest religions

  • Guided project work to develop creativity

  • Visual presentation of historical studies/places

  • Understand why festivals were started & celebrated

  • Understand relationship between education & spirituality

  • Learn various social, ethical & cultural heritages and values

  • Practicals on social customs etc.

  • Learn new skills in Youth Development

  • Learn teaching methodologies in ancient Vedas

  • Learn new techniques in Community Development and Human Resource Management

  • Inspiring research in Music and Secrets (No mention of music in subjects)


  • Minimum - Degree in any subject

  • Knowledge of English to read/write & speak

  • Some previous knowledge of liberal arts is required

  • Some aptitude for learning and grasping new ideas, techniques and skills is required

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